IFA Model Portfolios

lakeWM Capital Management have built a robust RDR compliant investment proposition for IFA’s whom do not want to outsource their investment proposition to a typical discretionary fund manager but don’t necessarily have the time or expertise to run portfolios themselves. Our proposition can therefore be thought of as “insourcing” your investment proposition.

WM Capital Management have built a range of investment solutions utilising specific themes such as Trend Following, Momentum, ETF’s and Diversification. Each solution is made up of smaller “building block” portfolios and we work with the IFA in order to create their own “risk graded” model portfolios based on our “building blocks”. So for example you may want to create some de-accumulation strategies for your pension drawdown clients that seek to avoid significant short term losses. We would then build a range of portfolios that utilise diversification and trend following.

You may also want to build some lower cost portfolios for those clients that are accumulating money and we could utilise some smart beta ETF’s to achieve this goal.

Each portfolio is unique to your company, branded with your company name and WM Capital Management is simply the discretionary manager for each “building block” of the portfolio.

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