Welcome to WM Capital Management

At WM Capital we started life as an IFA business, and that is still an important part of what we do.

What we found is that as the needs of our clients changed the financial services market lagged behind in meeting these changing needs. So, we decided to find the right partners that would help us deliver relevant solutions to the needs of our clients.


How this works


As examples, in general terms we are living longer, and our wealth in retirement now has to last longer than ever before to provide an income. We teamed up with two professors at Cass Business School who are world renowned for the work they do on asset management, to create new solutions for investing in retirement, and to protect clients from the impact of sudden market falls. As another example, inheritance tax is becoming an issue for more people every year. We wanted a different solution, and so teamed up with Unicorn to provide what our clients needed. These partnerships have significantly added value to what we do. So much so that we started to be approached by other advisory firms that wanted to use the solutions that we had created. The appeal was that they are solutions built by IFAs, for IFAs. And they are totally relevant for client needs today.


Today we are pleased to offer these solutions to our own clients, and to other advisory firms that appreciate what we gave created. 


WM Capital Management are proud to support the Ebenezer Child Care Trust.